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Small Purchases.

Big Impact.

#BuySmallSaveSmall is a social media movement to encourage both ourselves and others to take action and support small businesses and communities across the country through three key ways:

  1. Make a purchase at your favorite local businesses. Then share it on social and let others know what you love about their products or services; and tag their business accounts so they can reshare your photos. 

  2. If you can’t make a purchase, follow your favorite small businesses on social media and help spread the word about their sales and specials by resharing to your feed or stories, or by tagging a friend in the comments who might like their offerings. 

  3. And if you see your friend share a business they love on social media, take the time to check out the online shop and make a purchase if able. You just might find your new favorite thing, and you’ll be showing your support for the dreams of a small business owner!

Want to take this adventure one step further? Join us for the #ShopAll50 challenge! Set your own weekly budget (ours is $20 before tax and shipping), then make one purchase per week from a new small business until you've shopped in all 50 states! Make your own custom map to track your progress, and enlist your friends and family on social media to help find small businesses to support in each state.

Will you take the pledge and join us?

Shareable Resources

We Made The Pedge!

Use the links below to explore our partners and their shopping adventures!

Be sure to give them a follow on social media so you can be alerted when they share new finds.

Laughing Frog Logo.jpg

The brand that inspired this movement!

Follow them for new #BuySmallSaveSmall features every Sunday.

We Made The Pedge!
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